Natasha is our Chief Operating Officer and her favorite animal is a monkey!


What is your role in the company?

“I am the jack of all trades. I do whatever is needed but my main responsibilities are to handle all communication, provide top-notch customer service and to make sure the day to day operations are running smoothly. I serve our customers in the following ways: 1. Answering product questions via FB message and email 2. Assist with orders 3. Respond promptly to customer inquiries about products and delivery information 4. Manage customer accounts 5. Make sure orders are packed and shipped correctly and on time 6. Run/admin the Crafters Wholesale Superstore, LLC Group from 9am-5pm, 7 days a week. 7. Poll our customers and bring new products and ideas to the company.”


Why do you work for this company?

“I met Marissa in college. She was smart, charismatic and passionate about everything. We kept in contact for years and she called me one day and asked me if she started a company, if I would run it. I was working at a bank (and couldn’t stand it, believe it or not, it’s a sales job) so I jumped at the offer. I am so honored she trusts me to run 80% of her business and I am so proud to work for someone who is local and appreciates their customers like she does.”


Where do you see this company going?

“I believe it will go where ever Marissa wants it to go. She could be president if she wanted too. She has a clear vision for this company. Her education, knowledge, experience and leadership skills are second to none and will quickly lead Crafters Wholesale Superstore, LLC to the front of the arts, crafting supply and wholesale markets. I quit my job because I trust and believe in her.”