Dan is our stocker/inventory manager and his favorite animal is a rhino.

What is your role in this company?

“I guess these ladies need some eye candy, just joking, joking! I am the muscles. I stock the shelves and take inventory. I am being trained to pack orders. ”


Why do you work for this company?

“Honestly, because Marissa helped me when I was at my worst, going through a divorce, living in my truck, with my cat, in the Kmart parking lot. She would shop their weekly and bring me a few sandwiches, pieces of fruit and a small bag of cat food but more importantly, she would talk to me. During one of our conversations she told me to hold on a bit longer. I didn’t really know what that meant until a few weeks later when she told me she had a job for me. I was still in a rut, slightly embarrassed and told her no. She still came back the next week and I asked if the offer was still open and of course, she said it was. I have been with her a few months now and I have never worked for anyone like her. I was always in a hurry, trying to get things done as fast as I could. She told me to slow down and just make sure it’s done correctly. I have never had a boss tell me to slow down. But I guess I’m doing alright because I was told that I am going to be full time soon!!!”


Where do you see this company going?

“I haven’t thought about it. I’m more of a here and now, take it one day at a time kind of guy. But I guess I’m supposed to say becoming so big we put our competition out of business.”