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Crafters Wholesale Superstore, LLC always negotiates the best pricing so we can pass the savings on to you. Occasionally, we will offer sales and clearance items. 

Flash sales typically last 12-24 hours. Sales typically last 72 hours. All sales end at midnight EST unless otherwise specified. We cannot honor sale pricing on previous orders (unless you purchased during the sale but not at the sale price). We cannot refund the difference on orders from the day (or beyond) before. You cannot return the items and re-buy them at the sale price.

Sometimes products are discontinued and sometimes an item just isn't as popular as we had hoped and we will decide to discontinue it. These items become clearance items. Clearance items come 'as is' and we cannot order in the size or color you want. You may purchase what we have in stock.

We offer 3 different discount types and they all apply in store and online.
The first one is a 5% discount for belonging to our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/CraftersWholesaleSuperstore)
The second one is a 10% first responder discount. This applies to military, law enforcement, paramedics/EMS and firefighters. 
The third one is a 15% discount for anyone who signs up for a subscription through our website. 
NOTE: Discounts do NOT apply to sale/clearance items. Discounts can also NOT be applied to buy-ins, weekly orders or custom prints.