Ann is our order packer and her favorite animal is a pig!

What is your role in this company?

“I am old and I move slow. I like to work at my own pace and I’m allowed to do that here. “As long as it is done right” is what Marissa always says. So that’s what I do. I take my time and pack each order like I was the one receiving it.”


Why do you work for this company?

“I am a widowed, mother of a severely handicapped (adult) child. Since I have always been a stay at home mom, I have crafted since I was 20 years old. I was at the craft store and met Marissa in the glitter/paint/decoupage isle. I was standing there, apparently staring with a blank look on my face, and she asked if I needed help. I said no that I would get a worker and she said, “Don’t bother. I can answer more questions than they can.” That was not a lie! I just didn’t want to bother her. We chatted about the glitter and crafts and coincidentally ran into each other about a month later, in a different craft store. She asked how my project turned out and I showed her a picture. She said it was nice and showed me something she and her aunt made. I have been crafting for 45 years and would have never thought to use glitter in an ornament. It was beautiful. We kept in contact and she called me one day and asked me to lunch. I was happy to go. She said that she was starting a craft supply business and that I could come and pack some orders a few hours a day. The few interviews I have been on, no one has ever been willing to work around my hectic schedule. That’s when she explained that she understood and respected my situation and would be happy to have me on her team and here I am.”


Where do you see this company going?

“To the moon!"