Crafters Wholesale Superstore, LLC offers files with one license type.
ALL of our files come with a commercial license!

Our commercial license INCLUDES
  • Personal use meaning any item(s) made with our file/product that will not be sold or profited off of.
  • Unlimited users meaning there is no limit to the amount of users in the same household or from the same business/organization.
  • Unlimited use meaning in photographs, mock ups, printed platforms (cards, business cards, flyers, brochures) and physical craft sales (craft fairs, storefront, home or online).
  • Unlimited sales meaning there is no restriction to the number of items sold or amount of sales made from a file/product purchased and downloaded from our website.

Our commercial license DOES NOT PERMIT the following
  • You MAY NOT share our files outside of members of the same household or business/organization
  • You MAY NOT re-sell, distribute or give away our files/products
  • You MAY NOT edit our file/product except color and sizing
  • You MAY NOT use pieces of our file/product to create another file/product
  • You MAY NOT transfer this license to another person, household or business/organization
  • You MAY NOT use our file/product in TV, films, books or music videos.

This applies to every file for sale on our website.
By purchasing and downloading, you agree to these terms and conditions.
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